6 Ways To Increase Productivity In Your Manufacturing Business

As the old saying goes, time is money. The more production you can squeeze out in a period, the more money you make, right?

But if you have been struggling with improving production or even if everything is going fine, there are several things you can do to increase throughput without sacrificing quality, from removing obstacles to rearranging the way you work.

So, below are six ways to increase productivity at your manufacturing business.

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1. Review Your Existing Workflow

You will not know what needs changing, until you know exactly how everything works within your business currently. So, you need to gather information about the skills your people have, management processes and the condition of your tools and equipement.

Mapping out your processes visually so you can understand any duplication of work, inefficiencies or bottlenecks is an excellent place to start.

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2. Update Processes And Technology

Once you have reviewed and mapped our your existing workflows, start to identify areas where processes and/or technology need changing or updating. Processes that have been in place for a long time may be riddled with workarounds as new equipment was added or production methods changed.

Avoid falling into a “that’s the way we’ve always done it” mindset and think about the way you’d be running things if you started your process from scratch.

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3. Commit To Scheduled Maintenance

The fastest way to slow things down is by ignoring regular maintenance. Downtime for maintenance costs much less than downtime due to broken and worn equipment. Maintenance can be scheduled; breakage always comes at the worst possible time.

Make sure you have a plan for maintaining your equipment and understand the best times to carry it out so it has minimal impact on your production.

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4. Train And Educate Employees

Employee education and training is an ongoing process. In some industries, certain types of training are mandatory, such as daily safety training for all personnel using safety gear. New equipment and technology require training to get the most value. Employee education is also an excellent retention tactic; new employee will take time to become proficient, causing a slowdown in production.

Ensure that you schedule training sessions for staff, keep accurate records of attendance and look for opportunities to train staff in areas that will make your more efficient overall.

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5. Organise The Workspace

Optimal layout of your business could have huge impacts on your profitability. By reducing time spent between moving production processes between equipment, removing unnecessary equipment, organising stock and optimising the layout of the manufacturing floor big time savings could be made.

Ultimately, any wasting time is creating delays to your customers and a reduction in your overall capacity to produce products. Effective planning and scheduling help you see the gaps and make changes that make a read difference.

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6. Maintain Optimal Inventory

Tracking your inventory accurately helps to prevent over-stocking, which ties up cash in your business and if stock is not used, costs you money, and also under-stocking which delays productions and frustrates customers.

Understanding the demand for you products as soon as possible allows you to buy smart, deliver on time and maximise your profitability.

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